feeling stiff !

Change to eating more Alkaline foods to enhance Ph balance

Our internal ph levels are critically important to our long-term health and to all our body fluids which need to maintain a different pH balance, i.e. saliva is neutral, while gastric juices are acid.

Dry skin, dandruff, heartburn, a burning bladder, gout, stiff, sore joints or just a general feeling of constantly being a bit under the weather can be signs of a lifestyle that has resulted in too much acid in your body.

IMG_2847Our typical Western diet is too low in fruits and vegetables and too high in animal products that generate acid-forming chemicals in our body. Long term excess dietary acidity leads to thinner bones and lower muscle mass. This puts us at greater risk of developing many lifestyle-related diseases, including osteoporosis

Our Bones release calcium and magnesium to re-establish alkalinity, and muscles are broken down to produce ammonia, which is strongly alkaline. Fruits and vegetables are rich in calcium and magnesium as well as potassium salts, fruits like oranges, lemons and pineapples that may seem acidic to our taste buds are actually alkaline-yielding in the body.

With a simple test kit from any pharmacy, you can test your PH levels 3 x a day for 8-15 days consecutively:

  1. The second urination in the morning
  2. Before lunch
  3. Before dinner

Results may show: 0-7 you are acidic  /  7 is neutral /  7-14 you are alkaline If you are constantly less than 7,5 then you should start changing your diet.

Good health is all about maintaining your pH balances, from head to toe, moment by moment and we will no longer wake up too stiff in the morning.

Very Acid-Yielding Foods

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee  chocolate,
  • Jams
  • Ice cream
  • Sodas
  • Sugar white   white flour,
  • Refined oils.(trans fats)
  • Acid-Yielding Foods
  • Asparagus, archichaut and brussels sprouts
  • Biscuits 
Butter Blueberries
  • Canned fruits 
Cashews Corn Crackers Cheese Currants
  • Doughnuts
  •  Fruit juices
 from supermarket.Lots of sugar in them !!
  • Meat, cold meats, 
Poultry , Milk,Processed Pasta,
  • Pastries Peanuts Pistachios
  • White bread, White rice,

Alkaline-Yielding Foods

  • Avocado,
  • Beets, Broccoli
  • Cabbage Cauliflower Carrots Celery Cucumber
  • Egg yellows
  • Fruit
  • Fresh fruit juice and vegetables juice made at home or in a juice bar.
  • Garlic, Grapefruit, Green beans
 and green vegetables
  • HERBS :parsley, basil, thyme, sage, rosmary, chives
  • Lemon Lettuce Lime
  • Mango Melon
  • Oats Onion
  • Papaya, Pears, Pineapple, potatoes
  • Soya and soya products
  • Tomato cooked for a long time only
  • Yogurt with fresh fruit or natural

 Very Alkaline-Yielding Foods

  • Almonds and nuts as well as chestnuts
  • Buckwheat, cereal and bread with whole wheat,
  • Cumin seeds Pumpkin seeds Sesame seeds Flax seeds
  • Lentils
  • Spinach Sprouts Sunflower seeds
  • Tumeric powder: half a  teaspoon and a little pepper in a glass of hot water each morning .. a great anitoxidant !!
  • Vegetable protein
  • Water (with a pH of 7 or more)Drink lots about 1 and a half litres a day.
  • Watermelon

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