Winter ideas..

Cold is in the air, jerseys unpacked and boots pulled from their corner … Make some changes to improve your health and go from feeling fine to feeling incredible …eat well..


Cooking at home as opposed to eating processed foods give us control over what we put in our bodies
It’s cold and flu season once more and we need all the help we can get to fight the viruses that can cause aches, fever, stuffy noses and tight chests.
Natural remedies for colds and flu are the best, so see the Hot Toddy below, but in extremis then you can resort to supplements, but increasing natural food intake is much the best way:
Taking high-dose vitamin C approx 1 000 mg to 2 000 mg every day will shorten the duration, and lessen the symptoms, of a cold.

It is also important to increase your intake of foods that are high in antioxidants.
To ensure you get plenty of immune-boosting nutrients, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Good sources include carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and bean sprout. Eat what you can raw, and lightly steam the rest. Avoid frying anything as this introduces harmful free radicals that increase your toxic load.

Increase your intake of zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that most of us are relatively deficient in and is found in the ‘seeds’ of things – from eggs to nuts, seeds and beans. It’s presence is also high in meat and fish.
Vitamin D is a very important immune-boosting vitamin.

hot toddy

In the winter, if you live in northern Europe, for example, it is worth boosting your vitamin D3 intake with one or two vitamin D drops a day.

So, for those with the onset of the scratchy feeling at the back of the throat, the famous toddy that has worked its magic for hundreds of years:

1 Golden Delicious apple
3 cm chunk fresh ginger root
½ medium (unwaxed) lemon
1 heaped teaspoon honey(Manuka honey is the best )
1 half cup hot water

Method :
Juice the apple, ginger and lemon (leave the peel on). Pour the juice into your favourite mug. Make sure you only half fill the mug and then top up with hot (not boiling) water from the kettle. Add the honey, stir well and sip your way back to health. Add the honey, stir well and sip your way back to health.

Try and increase your intake of:
Ginger (use in juice and teas )
Carrots and carrot juice
Soup made from chicken broth and vegetables 
Water (obvious, but try and drink lots of it)
Fish, Beans (pulses) for protein
Raw Nuts and Seeds

And.. then see if you can slowly reduce your intake of:
Dairy products (often mucus-forming)
Sugar and refined or factory-processed foods
Avoid too much carbs

The best supplements to add at this time of the year include:
1 000mg vitamin C     (ideally one with zinc and berry extracts)
10 drops of Echinacea every two hours
5 drops of Vit D 3  per day (wild oil) 

Jo’s Winter-immune-boost-Soup:

IMG_2857This recipe includes seven anti-inflamatory and immune-boosting foods. The quantities aren’t exact, and you can play around with them to suit your taste.

1 Chop up two large red onions and crush four garlic cloves and sauté in a little olive oil but don’t brown. 

2 Chop up six carrots and three sweet potatoes or a butternut squash into pieces about half an inch square. Add to the onions and garlic and pour in enough boiling water to just cover. 

3 Add in loads of fresh chopped ginger, a teaspoon of turmeric and about a quarter teaspoon of cayenne  pepper to taste. These are powerful infection fighters. Add some parsley whole stems and all ! 

4 Bring the soup to the boil and simmer for about 20minutes, or until the carrots and sweet potato/squash are soft. Add a 1 vegetable stock cube, add salt and pepper to taste.

5 Add in a diced red pepper, high in vitamin C, and half a cup of coconut milk and purée to a thick soup consistency and serve with lovely slice of brown bread . 

Chestnuts Roasted on  an open fire ” to really get into the Christmas spirit”.

chesnutsBuy them in the streets or roast them at home as they leave a comforting smell ..
Chestnuts, unlike other nuts and seeds, are relatively low in calories, carry less fat, but are rich sources of minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients that immensely benefit health.
And.. they are exceptionally rich in vitamin-C.
so an excellent source of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper,manganese, phosphorus and zinc, besides providing a very good amount of potassium, plus they are Gluten  free.

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